About Us

  • Our Concept

    The immune system is your best chance of fighting any virus, and yes, this also includes the COVID-19 virus. BYIS is built on the premise that a healthy immune system means a healthier you. The stronger your immune system is the better chance you have combating any sickness cause by these dangerous viruses. You may not be able to prevent yourself from contracting the virus but you sure can give your body a fighting chance if you do. Our goal here at BYIS is to help you build your immune system naturally by introducing you to plant based products that were designed by nature to do just that.

  • Our History

    The people of the Caribbean have long known the benefits of sea moss (irish moss). As a kid we drank it because our parents said it was good for us. Growing up in the island of St. Kitts we ate lots of mango, sour sop, guava, passion fruit. We drank coconut water, sorrel and lots of bush tea drawn from the mint bush, lemon grass, bazel (aka basil), cinnamon leaves, ginger, turmeric and much more. All the while in most cases not paying a penny for them. We grew up strong, taking all this for granted because it came natural for us, again just the way mother nature intended. 

  • Our Inspiration

    Times have change and we are learning now that all we need to boost our immune system mother nature can and will supply. Dr. Sebi introduced the benefits of sea moss to the world but we island folks knew about the benefits long before. Let’s start today giving the body what it needs to build your immune system naturally.